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Full Spectrum Hemp Biscuits for Dogs (200mg)

Full Spectrum Hemp Biscuits for Dogs (200mg)

Put your Pet’s body on the path to homeostasis with Lacy Acres Full Spectrum Hemp Biscuits. This treats healthy blend is all vegan and high protein. Containing no grain or dairy, and made with all natural, non-GMO ingredients.

With full spectrum, we achieve well rounded cannabinoid profile. Including, but not limited too, CBD, CBG,CBN, & CBC. This allows for relief across the board, from joint & muscle pain to anxiety. These treats also help boost the immune system, and promote a healthy appetite for dogs that have trouble eating.

Each bag is filled with 40 individual biscuits, each containing at least 5mg of CBD, alongside a small margin of the lesser cannabinoids listed above

Recommended dose is 1 piece per 20lbs of body weight, per day.

Ingredients: Garbanzo flour, powdered peanuts, dried sweet potato, turmeric, & coconut oil

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